Archival holdings

The Archival holdings conserved at the Biblioteca Archeologica e Numismatica came to the library as donations or loans, or they formed documental testimony of the activity carried out by the institutes or historically associated organisations over the years.
These are valuable holdings and often precious for the study of the history and culture of Lombardy, as well as for the reconstruction of the events that led to the formation of Milan’s museum collections. The bulk of the holdings has been reorganised and inventoried using software for historic archives that was specifically developed by the Region of Lombardy and some of the texts have also been digitalised in line with ministerial guidelines. Some of the electronic catalogues of the archives may already be consulted on the Region of Lombardy’s portal

Archivio Luigi Vassalli (1855-1899)
Fondo Consulta Museo Patrio di Archeologia (1862-1903)
Fondo Corrispondenza Cattaneo-Sanclemente (1810-1814)
Fondo Achille Vogliano (1933-1952)
Fondo Carlo Taverna (1815-1878)
Fondo Pompeo Castelfranco (1870-1913)
Fondo Corrispondenza extra-ufficio del Gabinetto Numismatico di Brera (1805-1851)
Fondo Zanetti-Bellati (centuries XVIII-XIX)