Bibliographical Gifts and Exchanges

To improve the performance the bibliographical acquisitions activities with regard to their impact on the holdings, both competent gifts (regarded as opportunities by organisations or private scholars) and bibliographical exchanges (of its texts, on the part of the Service) are welcome. 


Occasions of cultural promotion and enhancement like free admission lectures, expositions etc., with invitations to our mailing-list members, are achieved by this Service in order to embody or debate matters of study and research or works about cultural heritage; also within series of events of Comune di Milano.


 Vouching for some of our lectures and events and integrating their subjects, in this way supporting knowledge for scholars and interested people, Servizio Biblioteca Archeologica Biblioteca d’Arte is editor, publisher and supplier of publications, especially books in the series “Incontri in Biblioteca” (see our Publications catalogue, both in the premises and being updated in this web site).

For the whole set of activites and services see:  Institute – Charter of services.